WinFashion offers BPO services and provides the following back-office work for your company at fraction of the cost so that your staff is freed to do other more important tasks:

  • Check Mailbox (4x daily)
  • Generate and Send 997 for all documents
  • Import 850
  • Setup SKU
  • Setup Stores and maintain current store addresses and DCs
  • Process 860 (PO Change) and report to customer
  • Process 864 (Text Message) and report to customer
  • Process 852 (Product Activity) and report report to customer
  • Process 812 (Credit/Debit Adjustments)
  • Process 820 (Remittance Advice)
  • Process 997 received
  • Do Boxing for shipments if needed
  • Generate 856(ASN), check & send
  • Generate 810, check & send
  • Maintaining QRS/Inovis Catalog
  • Assigning and Maintaining the NRF codes for SIZE and COLOR
  • Checking and Confirming the Receipt of ASN (856) by the Customer
  • 812 (Remittance Advice) posting to WinFashion
  • Help with ASN/Boxing when RUSH order is being shipped (Shipment of Goods that just came in the SAME day)
  • Handle all 850 (Purchase Orders) from all customers (will be all migrated to Inovis Account by next 1 or 2 weeks)
  • Check mailboxes 4 additional times a day and post Purchase Order
  • Identify and report the Bulk Orders.
  • Check and update ShipVia 'SCAC' codes Style Master and Line Sheet (With Picture of the Garment)
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